Sunday, October 7, 2012

Song of the week: Nightwish - Turn Loose The Mermaids

As many of you may know I'm a big fan of Nightwish and the fact that they parted ways with Anette Olsson (She doesn't want Olzon anymore) made me really sad. ( read here about it )

Nighwish Anette Olzon
Sweet Anette

She's such a nice person, I've bee reading her blog for quite a while and you can tell that she's a really nice caring person! And the fact I saw her in her last concert ever with Nightwish made me feel more closer to her as a fan. ( read here about the concert )

Please listen to this song and you will notice the sweetness of her voice.

I'll miss Anette a lot and I honestly don't think I can listen to Nightwish for a while because of all that happened ... :(

Enjoy the beautiful song :)
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