Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Laine Blogger Award

I got nominated for the Laine Blogger Award by the sweet Marienni Thank you so much!! :D

The Rules:

Tag the blogger who awarded you.
Answer the 5 quiestions below
Award the Laine Blogger Award to 5 of your favorite bloggers.

1. What is your current beauty obsession?

Trying to wear less foundation so I'm really serious about all my skin care ( read here ) so my skin stays nice.

2. What is one beauty item you wished you owned?

Hmm I'm quite content with the things I have. Before I wanted a Clarisonic but I find my cheap $5 battery toothbrush works wonders so no need to spend more!! :D

3. What is your favorite post to read/write about?

Anything that's visual, I like to read something that has lots of pics to illustrate it. Pictures make it more appealing and interesting to me, but sometimes the content alone is enough, I guess it depends on the topic.

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?

I write a personal journal every single day (the old school way in a notebook and yeah I like to draw in it so it's appealing and easy to the eye as well lol :D) so I thought it would be fun to have a blog to share some of the things I like. So i guess I got inspired by myself lol

5. What nail polish are you wearing right now?

Right now it is Wet n Wild Wet Cement (sorry no pics since the polish is chipping >.<) but i'll change it later for black so I'm ready for Halloween :D

Ok now time for my favorite bloggers :D (no particular order)



Coveted Dreams

Dip-Dip and The Bridge


Please check them out! Their blogs are great, you'll enjoy them as much as I do! :)



  1. I definitely agree with what your favorite posts to read are. I love seeing pictures! :D

    1. Yeah they make posts more interesting :D

  2. Thanks a lot my dearest Tonnomura.I can't tell you how happy you make me with each comment on my blog, to add with these wonderful awards as well. I love you sweetheart. I am so happy that you like my blog so much dear angel ! Just a request I am suffering from Viral these days, so can I please do the post in a while. I am eagerly waiting for doing it. :) BTW, i love posts full of meaningful pictures & short in size since they make you think & not over-exert! Lol! Thanks once again dear :D Take care !

    1. It took me a while to do it as well (like two or three weeks) I'm just busy lately! Do it whenever you can/want :D

  3. Thank you for our award, we will blog about it next week.
    The dogs don't have a beauty regime as such, unless you count Bridget rolling in poo, LOL.
    Lynne x

    1. Yeah I wasnt sure you wanted to do it. I'm just linking blogs that I like :)

  4. Well done for another award!!!...that's supper awesome!..yeah i'm like tht too...i guess i'm a visual person cause i also like seeing pictures & linking to text :)

    1. Yeah, sometimes text alone is just too boring haha :)

  5. Congrats on the award! Thank you for linking up to Followers to Friend's blog hop, I hope you met some cool new bloggy friends :)
    Happy Halloween x

    P.S. Shabby Apple are giving away a dress on my blog if you want to enter! http://www.sweetpeasylvie.com/2012/11/im-stylish-breastfeeding-mama-shabby.html

    1. Thank you! I hope so too :)

      I'll check your giveaway :)

  6. Congrats! :)
    And thank you so much for nominating me and for liking my blog!! I feel truly honoured!
    Unfortunately, it doesn't fit so well with what I usually write about, I hope you don't feel offended if I don't blog about it!
    But thank you so much, I can't tell how honoured and happy I feel!

    1. Thanks and no worries. I figured you wouldn't do it but I'm linking your blog so other people can read it :)