Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays :)

Hello world :)

I can't believe Christmas is over! I'm still like a little kid so having to wait another year will be tough haha.

I felt like Papa Noel this year lol I have a stable job so I wanted to give as much as I could ( of course not going into debt) to my people ;) 

Our big celebration is Christmas Eve. We have a nice dinner and we open presents on midnight :) 

We love to decorate with mom and make our table look nice on our budget :)

I love how festive our table looked :) and my mom is always very detailed in everything :)

Our menu was the following:

• Spicy Bolivian Pork, this was a dream! The meat was so tender! It was melting in your mouth!
• Chicken Alfredo, and again meat was tender and well seasoned :)
• Potatoes au gratin, this was our first time doing it and it was a total success!
• Fetuccini noodles, al dente seasoned with some herbs.
• Flan, you can't go wrong with homemade Flan!
• Panettone, a classic Christmas bread! My mom bakes it from scratch and it is the best!!

I'm a little sad Christmas is over and I won't hear more Christmas songs but I'm looking forward to next year :)

How was Christmas for you? Did you eat a lot? I hope you had an awesome one!!