Sunday, May 5, 2013

Psy - Gentleman Explained

So this is Psy latest music video and it is filled with lots of Korean culture. Thanks to kdramas ( I know I know lol ) I learned a lot about Korean culture and I decided to explain some of the things that we see in throughout the video.

The main point in the video is that Psy is a rich guy who is a total jerk and you can see the irony in the tittle because he's not a gentleman at all.

The dance that Psy does is called the "Arrogant Dance" which first was introduced by Brown Eyed Girls

Psy Gentleman
Arrogant Dance

Who are the celebrities we see in Gentleman?

Just like Gangnam Style we see a lot of celebrities in this video.

The main girl is Ga-in and she is from Brown Eyed Girls and as I mentioned before that is the group that first introduced the Arrogant Dance.

Psy Gentleman
Ga-in and Psy

This guy is Haha who is a singer and a comedian.

Psy Gentleman
Haha and Psy

The guy in yellow is Yoo Jae Suk (who also appeared in Gangnam Style) He is a popular TV host

Psy Gentleman
Psy and Yoo Jae Suk

There are other five more guys  in the video and along with these two they are part of this TV show called Infinite Challenge

Psy Gentleman
Infinite Challenge crew

What are the Korean foods we see in Gentleman?

If you had watched Korean dramas you may notice that the characters always go this kind of food trucks/tents which are called "Po Jang Ma Cha" where they usually buy Soju beer and street food :)

Psy Gentleman
Food was great!!

Psy Gentleman
You can see Soju (green) and Beer (brownish)
What is that big noodle that Psy is holding and eating? It's a rice cake called Garraetteok and it's used to make another dish called Tteokbokki which you can see in the table with a red/orange sauce
Psy Gentleman
Psy eating Garraetteok

Psy Gentleman
Ga-in eating Tteokbokki
Here Psy is eating Udong that is  simple hot noodle soup.

Psy Gentleman
Psy eating Udong
Ga-in is eating Eomukbar which is a fish cake on a stick.
Psy Gentleman
Ga-in eating fish cake

What are the places where Gentleman was shot?

These scenes are taking at the Seoul Metropolitan Library.

Psy Gentleman
Psy Gentleman
Fart Prank at the Seoul Metropolitan Library

This scene was filmed under the Mapo Bridge which is located in Yeouido

Psy Gentleman
Psy Gentleman

Why "Wet Psy"?

Wet Psy

Gonna make you sweat. Gonna make you wet, You know who I am "Wet Psy" 

In the variety show "Infinite Challenge" Psy lifted his arms to reveal his sweaty armpits. And yeah Sweaty armpits = Wet Psy

I have a headache after writing all this haha but it was fun to recognize many things that I watched in Kdramas and personal research :)
I hope you can watch the video again and know some of the things I explained here :)
Would you like to add something that I miss? Please do so in the comments below! :)

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  1. I had been wondering what that enormous white sausage thing was.
    Very informative. Thanks.

    1. Yay! Now you know it's Garraetteok :D

  2. lol so awesome! I thought the dance looked quite similar to the dance in Abracadabra haha. Great post!!

  3. I really enjoyed the video and all the more for your explanation which I read before I watched it. Thanks for sharing :)
    Lynne x

  4. I really enjoyed reading this :) Thank you for writing this sweetie cause its always fun to know small details in music videos :)
    A lot of my friends can´t stand PSY but I just find him so adorable and funny :D
    He is something special and I like people who go outside the norm :)

    1. Thanks for reading!!
      Psy is such a clown and I love that! he doesn't care what others think and that's awesome haha