Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My September Favorites

Hi :)

I decided to post about my September Favorites. These are the products are reached for the most. I have my own make up routine that's pretty consistent but since it was summer I used more "vibrant" colors.

I think my summer was a pinky one :) In my opinion pink shades are quite refreshing and cute! and I wore  them quite a lot.

This are the products I used the most:

I think these products are quite good, they are inexpensive but they work wonders! I'm always looking for a good price in things, if I can find something that works as well as high-end stuff I'm all for it.


Revlon Lip Butter: Sugar Frosting Revlon: Silver City Pink
Revlon Lip Butter: Sugar Frosting
Revlon: Silver City Pink

I love this combo! As I said in my Revlon Favorite Lipsticks I love to top any lipstick with a lip butter so my lips don't get dry. Silver City Pink topped with Sugar frosting was my favorite combo this month! I tried to keep my summer look as much as I could since it's still hot :)


Wet n Wild: Sweet as Candy Maybelline Define-A-Line: Brownish Black
Wet n Wild: Sweet as Candy
Maybelline Define-A-Line: Brownish Black

I love Wet n Wild eyeshadows!! They are soo pigmented it's crazy!! I used the pinky shade all over the lid and I used a brown shade for the crease (not the same of this palette because it's too shimmery! It's a brown I used in my normal routine. I wanted to have the pink really stand out!) I used this brown eyeliner because I didn't want to have a harsh line and brown is quite nice for summer in my opinion!


Elf: Pink Passion Physicians Formula Happy Booster: Natural
Elf: Pink Passion
Physicians Formula Happy Booster: Natural

Again with my pink shades lol. I love this Elf blush it's so pigmented and nice! it's a quite bright pink and I don't know makes me happy :) then I used this Physicians Formula as highlighter <3 quite nice combo for me :)


Revlon Pink: Chiffon 911 Maybelline Color Show: Chiffon Chic 160
Revlon Pink: Chiffon 911
Maybelline Color Show: Chiffon Chic 160

I know pink overload! xD This were my go to shades this month! Short pink nails are so cute!

Skin Care:

Garnier Skin Renew The brusher Gel Cleanser
Garnier Skin Renew
The Brusher Gel-Cleanser

I have my own skin care routine and I wanted to try something else. I like it so far! It leave my skin soft! I hate cleansers that leave the skin squeaky clean >.< and this one cleans and leaves it soft. It has a quite strong fragrance which doesn't bother me but I wanted to mention it in case you want to try but can't stand strong odors.

Random Favorites:


Nightwish part ways salt lake city

If you read my blog you might know I talked about them quite a lot! I went to their concert and it was great! ( read here ) ... Too bad there was problems between them and they part ways right after my show in SLC :( I'll miss Anette so much!!! ( read the bad news here )


Any Korean Romantic Comedy movie :D man they are good!!


Me with destroyed Jeans and white Creepers
My mom is in the right so don't mind her lol

If you are into the Jrock or any rock scene music these are a must!! Creepers!! and they are my concert shoes so that's why I needed to include them lol I couldn't wear them in the whole summer too hot to wear closed shoes!

Thank you for reading my September favorites!!
Check my Revlon Favorite Lipsticks too :)

Have a great day!!


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