Monday, October 1, 2012

Nightwish and Anette Olzon part ways

I woke up this morning wanting to check's Anette's blog to see if she was feeling better but instead of that I read this!!! I can't believe this happen right after our Salt Lake City show!

Nightwish Anette Olzon Part ways
Dang I remember I was so excited for the show and that Anette was going to sing for us!! ( read my concert experience here )

I feel honored to had been part of her last show ever with Nightwish but I can't help to feel really really sad! I had liked her (still like her of course) from the begining I think I was part of the small minority that was happy for the change and enjoyed her voice!

She was really sick these days she couldn't sing in the Denver CO show because of her health and dehydration, If you read her blog (read here ) you can see they found a big cyst on her liver, I really hope this is a benign one and no more than that!

I just don't understand what happened, She was excited that her sons were going to join her today! ( read here ) and now this sudden news! It just makes me think about what happened before with Tarja ... It was sudden as well, I just hope it was mutual and will help both parts. I won't judge anything I only think that many fans will not forgive this easily. I love Nightwish since the beggining and I'll keep suporting them but I feel that there's not so much stability right now and the future is unknown ...

I hope that with all these things that are happening she can get to rest a little and check that cyst back in her country. Her health is the most important thing this moment! I'll miss her a lot! I really like her! I think highly about her! such a sweet strong woman!

Nightwith Anette Olzon part ways
Nightwish last show with Anette Olzon Salt Lake City

I wish Anette nothing but the BEST in the world! and that she takes care of her health and her little boys now that her journey is going to be a little slower.

I miss you Anette!!



  1. Love your photos! Especially the ones of you, you look amazing!