Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Loreal Total Repair 5 Review

Hi World

As you know I love bargain shopping so when I saw coupons for these items I was a little excited :) I like to try new shampoos and conditioners and if I can save some money at the same time makes very happy haha.

So I bought the the whole line but today I will only review the shampoo and conditioner.

Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo and Conditioner

They both claim that:

Instantly and over time help repair the 5 visible signs of damaged hair (Split Ends, Weak, Rough, Dull, Dehydrated) with out weighing it down.

My thoughts:

They leave your hair pretty soft and with body
Hair was shiny (not too much though)
I don't think there's anything that can help split ends except for a trim.
Unfortunately they leave residue (to eliminate it I use Neutrogena )
They leave your hair smelling really good :D

Will I buy them again?
Yes, but not anytime soon since I want to try new things :)\

Did you try it before? what are your thoughts about it?

Have a nice day!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Favorite lip combo + Update

Hello world

How are you? it's been months since my last update ... So busy with school and work ... Being a full time student and work full time is really exhausting! Three more weeks and I will be done with the semester so hopefully I will have more time to keep updating, I miss reading your blogs so much!! and I apologize not having time to comment!! I will try my best, I promise! :D

So I've been using this lip combo for a while and I love it!

Love my lip combo <3
It's quite simple! You only need these two bad boys! Maybelline in Cherry Me and Smooth Taupe.

Favorite Lip Combo
Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me 15 is a really soft red, I don't think I can pull off a red lip anytime soon so this is a great alternative for someone shy about it. :)

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me
Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me 15

Maybelline in Smooth Taupe 860 is a Limited Edition lipstick (I think it is available now in one of the new Maybelline lipstick collection). It was quite hard to make it work since it's so light and a little drying. I have this one and a back up since I fell in love with the color and I didn't want to just have them stored without any purpose so I needed to find a way to use them.

Maybelline Smooth Taupe 860 (Limited Edition)
Maybelline Smooth Taupe 860 (Limited Edition)
So I decided to apply first the Baby Lips in Cherry Me and top it off with Smooth Taupe. I love how they look together, applying Smooth Taupe over Cherry Me makes it a creamy pink color :) So pretty and girly!!

Maybelline in Smoothe Taupe 860 swatch
Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me 15
Maybelline in Smoothe Taupe 860
Both combined
Do you have any lip combo that you love? if you do let me know so I can try it :D

Have a beautiful day!!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

IVF: A good option for women and couples.

Having a child is something that most women or couples want but sometimes there are issues that prevent them to have them like infertility, being single, being older, same sex couples, etc. but with the advance of science and technology we are able to get In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments which require the extraction of eggs and sperm from the couple, inseminate and incubate them outside the womb and then put them back into it in order to conceive in an artificial way (see Fig.1). Though this is a great step for science and couples, there is a lot of controversy regarding this topic..
Fig.1  How In Vitro Fertilization works
(Image courtesy of Google)

In Vitro Fertilization has been used for many years to help women get pregnant and finally have children they were waiting so much to have. There are many who oppose to this and say that they should be adopting instead of trying this expensive treatment arguing that there are a lot of children who are waiting for a home. While this is true, there are many people that want genetically same children and there's nothing wrong with that thought. If they are willing to go with the treatment and know about the risks involved then they should go ahead and try to get what they want the most. There are many cases of couples that first try In Vitro Fertilization before considering adopting and I know that I would choose to do that if I were in that situation. 

Another reason why some people oppose is that the baby can suffer many consequences, like birth defects, underdevelopment, psychological problems, etc. but what they don’t take into considerations is those risks could happen to any other type of birth, of course the percentage is higher while using In Vitro Fertilization but if the woman or couple do their homework and see that this is something that they can handle and it is a good treatment for them then IVF is something that could change her/their lives forever. My aunt struggled for many years to conceived a baby, my whole family could see how much she and my uncle wanted to have a baby, it seemed that was the only thing they could think about. After all those years they decided to try IVF treatment which changed their lives drastically. The treatment of course was expensive, time consuming and mentally and physically exhausting but at the end it gave them the most wonderful gift in the world, a child of their own. What a wonderful moment when he was born, and now nineteen years later we are all so glad for their decision to go ahead with IVF treatments and to have him in our lives and I cannot imagine how life would be without him.

Doctors advice about the consequences of In Vitro Fertilization for the mother, like for example, there might be some psychological problems arising from the treatment. It is not guaranteed that the mother will get pregnant on the first round of treatment, in fact there is a huge possibility that it might take at least 3 rounds and if the mother is not prepared for this it can really affect her greatly emotionally. In my aunt's case she had two treatments, the first one failed and she lost twins, it was devastating but she had a good doctor that explained to her, before starting the treatments, that this was a possibility and that she should be prepared in every sense for that. Because of her doctor's warnings, she was prepared and she kept going strong and and fortunately the second round was successful.

There are many consequences for this treatment but the amount of women who decide to take the risks is increasing exponentially by the passing of years. Some women do it is because they want to experience childbirth, That is one of the reasons many decide to take this path because they feel that in order to be fully a mother they need to experience that, and In Vitro Fertilization can give them that opportunity

IVF can bring happiness to the couple that is struggling conceiving.
(Image Courtesy of Google)

In Vitro Fertilization is a great way to help people have children. There are many risks involved but having a new life as the desired result outweighs all the consequences and if the parents are willing to go through this long taxing process not matter what might arise later on, then it is a great option for them. I believe that In Vitro Fertilization can bring hope and happiness to the people that is struggling a lot for that desired child.