Monday, April 29, 2013

Blog Changes

Hey there beautiful people :)

Spring is here and with that I wanted to make some changes in my blog. I didn't like the direction it was taking, it turned into a beauty blog and that's not what I inteded it to be. I guess that contributed to my lack of posts lately because I didn't have the motivation to write only about one topic. I like beauty stuff but I don't want my blog to be centered in only that direction because "my world" revolves around many things :)
I think this change will be good and I hope you guys like it. I decided to make some sort of a schedule so I feel that way is more organized so here it comes:
Random Mondays: It is as the title implies, about random things around here that catches my attention
Beauty Tuesdays: I still like my beauty stuff so I want to keep it where you can see some swatches and products I like.
Fitness Wednesdays: I love to do exercises and I want to write about the ones that work well for me and maybe will do the same for you :)
Healthy Eating Thursdays: It's about healthy foods. You need a good diet along to exercises :) so I hope this will help some of you get ideas of food.
King Rusty Fridays: I can't have a blog without my little devil! and I know many of you enjoy those posts! :)
Life Updates Saturdays: If something exciting happened in my life I'll make sure to let you guys know about it.
Music Sundays: My blog would be missing something if I don't share my music! Music is a huge part of my life :)
I'm excited for these changes! Of course I'm not saying that every single day I will make a post because that would be tiring for me and you guys but it will be more organized for me to schedule the posts. I hope it makes sense what I'm trying to achieve.
Thanks for understanding these changes! and I hope you enjoy the future posts in my blog!!


  1. Ooh how fun! Can't wait to see future posts!

  2. That sounds like a great schedule. There are times my brain completely freezes up (well, that's most of the time actually, lol) and I can't think of a thing to blog about. Looking forward to reading your new posts.
    Lynne x

    1. Thanks! Yeah I need a schedule or else I won't be able to blog I work better under pressure lol

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