Sunday, July 28, 2013

Amaranthe & Kobra and the Lotus in Salt Lake City 2013

Hi world!

I am still so sore and tired after this amazing concert!! I'm so happy I got to go and meet most of the band members!!

Kobra and the Lotus salt lake city
First in line!!
Amaranthe & Kobra and the Lotus Salt Lake City July 26th 2013
Like always I was first in line! Yay! I noticed that the Utah "crowd" is a little boring and slow, we got to "In the Venue" around 11:00 and before getting there I was a little freaking out thinking that maybe there were some other people already there, but no, we were the first ones!
I went with my boyfriend and his best friend aka the brother in law "BiL". (and if you are wondering they both are Asians *nods*)

Kobra and the Lotus salt lake city
Family in line!
We were fine for the first two hours since there was lots of shade but then the evil sun started to reach us!
Ok so these are the bad things about waiting in line:
  • Utah is a desert
  • It's in the middle of summer
  • No near restrooms around
  • No near stores around to get water
  • It felt like an oven
  • We were starting to talk nonsense since we were so dehydrated
  • Sunburn (I applied sunscreen SPF 80 though)
It was really hard to be there but we really want to support the bands and show them that we appreaciate them and go there early.
Sun was so strong and no clouds around, we tried to stay in the shadows as much as we could but BiL just stayed under the sun O.o the whole day!!! Bf and I drank some natural/organic energy drinks that don't make you crush and we offered one to BiL but he didn't want o.O
We saw Kobra Paige (Kobra and the Lotus' vocalist) and she was so sweet!! asking us if we were ok under this evil sun! we saw the other members from Kobra and the Lotus but we honestly didn't want to bother them asking for pictures because you can see they are getting ready for the show so yeah it's better not bother them. Everytime Kobra passed by us she asked us if we were fine and that was so sweet of her! Seriously a beautiful girl inside and out!
Elize Ryd (Amaranthe's Vocalist) came and asked us if we were fine as well! I guess we were looking like death by that time haha but that was sweet ot her!
I got to talk with Charlie Parra del Riego! He's big in the metal industry as well and it was nice to talk with him in Spanish since he is Peruvian, he's such a down to earth person!
Around 5 people started to come so I guess we arrived 6 hours earlier lol anyways by that time I was way too hot and getting a little scared to get a heat stroke!! Elize came and asked me if I needed something like sneakers, skittles fruit or water, of course I didn't want to ask for anything but I thanked her for being so thoughtful!
The guys of "In the Venue" were kind enough to give us some free headphones :) I guess being dedicated pays off :) it felt good that they noticed that we were there all excited and we were able to wait under the evil sun just to see our bands!
Honestly this felt like VIP talking and interacting with the members throughout the day!!
Around 6:30 we went inside the venue and it was a little small (my first time at "In the Venue") we got our place right in the front and they were still doing the soundcheck and man my ears were killing me! fortunately I had tissue so I made my own earplugs, I love concerts but I don't want to be deaf! my bf used his earphones as earplugs and he was fine, we gave the BiL some tissued so he can make some earplugs but he didn't want >.>
Bf went to Kobra and the Lotus booth and bought us a copy of their album and it kick ass! great music! I feel blessed we got to interact with them!!
Kobra and the Lotus 2013 Summer Tour
Kobra and the Lotus Salt Lake City Setlist
  1. Nayana
  2. No rest for the Wicked
  3. Welcome to my Funeral
  4. Forever
  5. Heaven's Veins
  6. Sanctuary
  7. My life
  8. Dark Passenger
  9. 50 Shades of Evil
Their show was strong and raw! Kobra has a powerful voice and the other members are sooo talented! they really did an amazing job!

Kobra and the Lotus in Utah
Kobra Paige

Kobra and the Lotus in Utah
Kobra and Charlie

Kobra and the Lotus in Salt Lake City
Charlie Parra del Riego

Kobra and the Lotus in Salt Lake City
Charlie Parra del Riego

Kobra and the Lotus in Utah
Kobra Paige

Kobra and the Lotus in Utah
Jasio Kulakowski and Charlie Parra del Riego

Too bad I couldn't get pics of the other members :( it sucks!! but it was very difficult from where I was! :(

In the break within bands we got to rest a little and I noticed that BiL was so out! he was really tired and I don't think he got to enjoy either concerts too much :/ poor guy!

Amaranthe "The Nexux" 2013 US Tour

Amaranthe Salt Lake City Setlist
  1. Invisible
  2. Leave Everything Behind
  3. 1.000.000 Lightyears
  4. Serendipity
  5. Afterlife
  6. Infinity
  7. Burn With Me
  8. Mechanical Illusion
  9. Rain
  10. The Nexus
  11. Amaranthine
  12. Electroheart
  13. Callout my name
  14. Automatic
  15. Hunger
Great show! It was sooo nice to actually see them performing! one of my goals in life! Elize did great! Andy didn't come but Henric came in his place and I think he did awesome!! Jake broke his elbow but my respects to him for playing in that condition!

Amaranthe Utah

Amaranthe Utah
Elize Ryd

Amaranthe Utah
Henric and Elize

Amaranthe Utah
Master Olof!!

Amaranthe Salt Lake City
Jake! Best Picture ever!!

Amaranthe Utah
Jake and Elize Ryd

Amaranthe Utah
Olof!! Master!!

Amaranthe Utah
Jake looking great!!

Amaranthe Utah
Henric is such a great person!!

Amaranthe Utah
Elize Ryd

Amaranthe Utah
Henric and Jake

Amaranthe Utah
Olof and Elize

Amaranthe Utah
Too blurry :(

Amaranthe Utah

Amaranthe Utah

Amaranthe Utah
Olof and Elize

Amaranthe Utah
Olof and Elize
It was a great show of both bands and I feel really honored with the fact I saw them that close!!
The aftershow was the best though! we took lots of pics with both bands but those are in my boyfriend's phone :(

Things I learned from this concert:
  • Avoid sun as much as I can and use sunscreen.
  • Have a natural energy drink to keep me going the whole day.
  • Earplugs.
I'm sure I would have been dead if I didn't do those things! Too bad BiL was under the sun the whole day, didn't want the energy drink and earplugs ... he was totally dead :(

I love concerts so much! and I can't wait to see these two bands in the future! and I'm sure that will happen in a bigger venue! They do have all the potential to conquer the world!

Now I'm looking forward to Kamelot's concert in September!! :D

Well it's time to keep sleeping now lol ... My neck is so sore!!  >_<

Have a metal day!!



  1. Aw you guys are such awesome fans :D Great pictures!

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time! Must have been fantastic to be first in line and get the best view.
    Lynne x

    1. Yeah we did! and it was so nice!! :)