Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flu shot at Costco

This morning I went to Costco ( Sandy Utah) to get some groceries :) I like the fact I can go there and buy the stuff I need in bulk, so much cheaper than buying in a regular store like Target or Walmart.


The only bad think I find is the fact that there's not so much diversity, it's either you buy what they have or you have to go to another store to find the specific thing you are looking for. I buy most of the stuff I need there though, I got used to their products they have (Kirkland)

Another thing I like about Costco is the Demos xD haha. That's a good way to promote their stuff! I buy many things now thanks to the Demos :)
Demos FTW!!
We passed through this aisle and I found a guitar that looks exactly as my bf's guitar! And I told him he should buy this one and return the other one he bought! It was only $170! The one he bought was $1050!!  But I guess he likes the fact it's a Fender Stratocaster 2012 and that itself justifies the price XD

Anyways the main reson I went to Costco was to get my Flu shot. Many people think it's not necessary but I want to do things to prevent any kind of bad stuff. Last year I didn't get it because I forgot lol and I had the worst flu ever!! I had to stay home for a week and go to the doctor!! yikes!! The years I had my flu shot went by quietly without any flu symptom so I became a believer of it!

The Flu shot costs $16.99 with your memebership card and if you don't use insurance. If you have insurance it might be cheaper.

The only thing I didn't like was to wait around 20 mins ... they didn't have anyone before me so I guess they were just in the middle of a nice conversation and I wasn't a priority or something ... Anyways the shot itself was not painful at all :) and the girl who did it told me that I had really skinny arms lol :) ... After a few minutes my arm started to bother me :( Today I have my guitar class so I hope I can do it good enough! :(

As a reward to myself I got a Chicken bake!! It's so good but I only allow myself to get it twice a year xD It has chicken, bacon, cheese, and ceasar dressing inside a pretzel-like dough :) too decadent to eat it frequently! I like to eat it at home, eating in their food court is not relaxing at all with all the children yelling ...


I really hope my arm gets better for my guitar lesson!! I don't want to fall behind!
Anyways I hope you have a wonderful day!! And thanks for reading!!



  1. A post about going to the supermarket should have been pretty dull but you made it a good read. Flu shots are quite important, rather that than getting ill.

  2. Thanks :)
    I was really sick lst year so I don't plan on making the same mistake ever again! >.< flu shots are important!

    Thanks for reading! :)

  3. Funny. I just got my flu shot 20 minutes ago, at Topps, a supermarket chain we have here in NY..

  4. Thank you for following my blog! I'm one of your new faithful followers now :P I love your blog and also you're gorgeous! I look forward to reading more from you!

  5. Oh thank you!! Your blog is so fun!!! So I'm a faithful follower as well :)

  6. I don't take flu shots, but I take loads of vitamins and vitamin supplements and I haven't gotten sick in a long time :P

  7. Oh you lucky ;) Even though I took all my vitamins I got sick last year :(

  8. 20 minutes seems reasonable. Remember, the pharmacist has to review the questionnaire you filled out, process the paperwork and prepare the injection before he administers it to you. Next time, stop at the pharmacy first and then enjoy all those free samples while you are waiting for your shot.