Friday, October 26, 2012

King Rusty's frustration!

The weather was pretty nice lately not so cold :) I was able to wear a jacket here and there maybe a beanie and scarf nice weather for fall clothes! ... but that was until Wednesday (>.>) It started to snow so it got cold pretty fast! Snow usually starts in mid November so it was quite drastic :(

Today I had plans with King Rusty, we were going to go play at the park but everything is covered with snow and since it happened so suddenly I wasnt able to get him a new winter jacket and boots so his cute pawns don't get too cold therefore no play day for him :(


I found King Rusty in his favorite spot of the house  looking outside...

It seemed like he knew that our play date was off thanks to the snow :(

How sad to see him disappointed! I know he wanted to play in the park but he's getting a little sick because of this crazy weather so going outside is a big NO NO :(

Poor boy but I can't let him get a cold! His health comes first! So I told him I will play with him inside all he wants :D

He looked outside once more with a disappointed face ...

And laid down looking all so sad. (ToT)

Is it snowing where you live? If you have a pets please make sure they are warm and protected before going outside! :)

Now I'm off to play with the King of the House! :)



  1. Poor Rusty, my friend's spaniel loves the snow and goes wild in it. Perhaps tomorrow Rusty.
    Lynne x

    1. I'm just a little scared to take him outside because I think he's getting a cold :( The weather here is crazy!! When i see he's getting better I'll take him outside :D

  2. Poor King Rusty! I hope he's well soon!
    Where I live, it also started snowing today and it doesn't stop.

    1. He's getting better :)
      I don't like snow too much :( it's so dangerous to drive!

  3. Aww poor guy! We don't get snow where I am..

    1. oh you lucky! I don't like snow too much!

  4. Poor little one... he will get to go outside some other day :)
    It snows here in Finland quite a lot during winter, well when its a normal winter that is :) I could not imagine winter without the snow.. I love it :)
    We have a cat and he really do not like the snow so he usually stays inside for the most part.. when we take him with us he sits in his lil "house" as we like to call it and he is nice and warm inside his blanket :)
    Sometimes we go outside with him, he is an indoor cat, but he usually just sniff around and then he wants go to back inside again :)
    King Rusty remind me of my cousins dog that she had when she was a kid :)

    1. Yeah when he gets better he'll enjoy the snow (I need to get him a warm jacket)
      I like snow but driving makes it not so enjoyable :/ too dangerous and slippery.
      I think cats have more delicate paws so they would get cold faster, if I had a cat I wouldn't let him go out lol I think i'm over protective with my pets XD
      Hugs :)