Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

Hello guys,

So 2014 is here meaning that it is time again to make resolutions. It is always a good idea to set goals in everything and do whatever you can to get them. Even if the goals are small or seem insignificant it is important to write them down as a reminded because it might happen that you forget them later on. 

I have set goals for very things this year since I think one of them is pretty big, for me anyways, but hopefully I will be able to reach them with not so many obstacles.

So my goals for this year are the following:

Get my degree by the end of Summer

I still have some classes left in order to graduate but I've been working full time and didn't get any chance to go back to school. Now I'm working full time and I'm planning studying full time as well ... it will be kind of hard but I know I can do it!! I believe I can do anything I want to do.

Here is the way I think: I'd rather be a slave of my books for 8 months (spring and summer terms) instead of taking more time to finish and been stressed out.twice the time.

Be totally debt free

I've been using my credit card a lot for all the Christmas gifts I got. My debt is not too much but with school now makes it a little hard to pay it promptly :(

So what will I do about it? I will leave my card at home and just use cash in the mean time. Cash is more difficult to use than a credit card that is for sure! And I don't believe on using a debit card since it is more difficult to dispute a charge in the case your card gets stolen! so yeah no debit card for this girl!

Fixing my car

More like repainting it! It has some chips here and there nothing too bad but I want to fix it. I'm not planning on getting a new one anytime soon so I want to take care of it as much as I can. I want to change the headlights to brighter as well.

Problem here is that I'm trying to be debt free so this is quite expensive; paint around $300-400, headlight $30 each .... Of course I'll start with the headlights but it is not a priority right now because they are just fine but I just like really bright lights XD

So those are my goals, not so many huh? but hopefully I can reach them all!  I wanted to post them here and I have you guys as witnesses so that way I have to get them no matter what!!! :D

What are your goals or resolutions for this year? Is this something that you do as well?


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Downtown Salt Lake City Utah

Hello World!

My mom and I went to Downtown Salt Lake City around a week ago to see the lights :) we always find an excuse with my mom to go out and do something together! 

The roads are quite dangerous so instead of driving there (we live in the suburbs) we decided to take the Trax there and enjoy the ride without worrying about our car slipping here and there or other drivers driving fast as if there's no black ice >.<

We reached Downtown and we were welcome by lights everywhere :) it was so crowded there with people doing exactly the same thing like us, enjoying the lights and taking pictures.

I love my silly mom :) she is never afraid to show her crazy personality haha I love that about her!

I think the view in this pic is just beautiful, this is the LDS temple and it is exactly in the middle of downtown.

This is my favorite pic so far :) we both are happy and enjoying each other's company. My mom is definitely my best friend.

So this was our night in downtown SLC and I love that big city feel (even though it is not even close to be a big city haha)

How is it where you live? :D

Have a great day/night! 


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Hello world!!

First of all happy New Year! This past 2013 went by pretty fast! It was a good year for me :) I was able to reach many of my goals and I can move on onto new ones! 

We waited the New Year at home with my family. I'm not a party girl at all so I enjoy spending time wig my family :)

My boyfriend is just like me in the sense that he enjoys family time (we never went clubbing or anything like that) and that is something that I love about him :)

We had a simple and easy New Year's Eve dinner but we like to make sure that we have a nice decorated table.

The menu was as follows:

• Walnut Shrimp
• Mongolian Beef
• Pom Pom Chicken
• Sweet and Sour Pork
• General Tso Chicken
• Lo Mein 
• White Rice
• Coconut Pie
• Apple Cider (we don't drink alcoholic drinks)

My parents always make sure we have a good time while waiting for the new year :) our tradition is playing cards, we play a game called "Loba" 

And of course King Rusty is present in all the festivities :)

We had a great time together and I'm so happy to have the family I have! I know this New Year will be a great one as well and I'll reach new goals I life. 

I'll make a post of all my goals for this year and I hope you do it as well and I would love to read it!!

I hope you had a great beginning of this year and may all your wishes and goals come true!!