Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The king of the house

Behold! The king of the house! King Rusty!! He's an English Springer Spaniel :)

My mom wanted a dog but we weren't sure if we were ready for the big responsibility.

We had an English Cocker (similar to the springer but smaller) but she had to stay in Bolivia when we moved here to the US (her name was Lady Bri). I think we weren't ready emotionally to have another dog since we left her with our family in Bolivia, I felt I couldn't give love to another dog since my heart was with her back in Bolivia. We used to go to Bolivia and see her :) but a few months ago we received the sad news that she passed away :( we cried a lot because we really lived her sooo much!!

So months passed and we felt it was time to have a new dog to give all the love we have, we kind of felt we had Lady Bri's blessing to get another dog so we didn't have to look so much and we were blessed to have our new boy who became the king of the house! King Rusty!! He's such a beautiful being! So loving and extremely smart! We love him so much!!

Please check back my blog I'll keep updating about him quite a lot! Stay tuned!

King Rusty

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