Friday, September 28, 2012

A dangerous friendship

After the tragic death of Pink Bunny (you can read the story here) King Rusty was alone ... Poor little boy! I can only imagine that how lonely he felt ... after the incident he was so quiet and lost in his thoughts maybe remembering the good old times...


But while he was immersed in his own thoughts he noticed something in one of the garden walls, He kept moving his little head like trying to understand what was going on there

He then went to the wall and he looked at me like saying "Hey come here there's something interesting you have to see!! I think I found my new friend!! :D"

He was so focused following it .... he was moving ... really ... slow ....


I went to check what was going on and to my surprise I found this poor Praying Mantis that had a bad leg :( the poor little thing was just barely moving, I'm glad King Rusty found it and was a gentle dog and didn't try to even touch it.

Can you see it?? You can see the cute arms there :D

I told King Rusty that Praying Mantis didn't feel good and couldn't play with him. He was sad because he really thought that he found a new friend. (But in all honesty I was afraid that KR got injured, I read Praying Mantis are quite aggresive and one even killed a poor hummingbird o__O)

I picked it up with an elastic I have in my pocket lol and I could clearly see the bad leg :( Poor Mantis!! I got amazed how beautiful it was though! with the red antennas and cute little face with huge eyes like an anime :3 ... I took it to somewhere safe so she can heal her leg.(Green Mantis are female)

How cuts is that?? Cute Mantis!

King Rusty was sad! he thought he found a new friend! but it wasn't meant to be, who know what would have happened if these two guys decided to play >.> .... I really think I would have been a dangerous friendship for both of them!

Please come back for new King Rusty stories! and here is last week's story! Check it out!!



  1. Cute doggie KR!

    I love those creatures, dogs I mean, but my nomad life does not let me own one!

    You are a real good writer T!
    I enjoyed greatly your posts!!

    Thank you!!

  2. Nice little story about your dog and the Praying Mantis, he's really a very loving dog. Your dog has the gift of being sensitive to living things.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. awww king rusty... I promise you, you'll find the perfect new friend soon! :)

    And hope mantis gets well doon.

  4. @untony Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) If you can't get a real dog you should get a plushie one :D hehe

  5. @Angie He's a sweet boy! :) Thank you for reading and visiting my blog! :D

  6. @aubzie I hope he finds a good friend soon! :D Mantis is getting better! ... Thanks for reading (^o^)/

  7. Hi! :D I just wanted to thank you for accidently finding my blog hehe. I'm glad you did because I like your posts!
    I hope King Rusty will find a better suiting friend for him self! :D
    I look forward to keeping up with your posts <3

  8. Aw thank you, I'm glad you like the randomness around here heh

    I hope he finds a good new friend (^u^)

  9. You are amazing as a writer!!!!! I enjoyed it, thank you !!!!