Sunday, September 23, 2012

Song of the week: Nightwish-Storytime and Kamelot-Karma

It's funny how people think that it's weird that I like Symphonic Metal (I actually love it!!), they say I don't "look" like I would like that kind of music (or any rock genre)  and that I instead seem the kind of person that would rather listen soft mainstream music. They are so wrong lol ...

For this week I chose two songs to featured in my song of the week :D

Nightwish - Storytime

Tuomas Holopainen said that Storytime "is a single that pretty well represents the whole album (Imaginaerum) "

He also said about the song "How would it feel to take a midnight flight with a snowman through the most wondrous landscapes, like in the classic animated Yuletide film? The meaning of our very existence is created though stories, tales and imagination. They are at the very core of humanity."

I honestly can say that "Imaginaerum"  is my favorite album from them! It really is all I want in an album! I can't listen to it without skipping a song! Storytime is such an amazing song! Give it a try!

Kamelot - Karma

Karma is my favorite song of Kamelot and the new singer is great live!! :D

This song is mystic and it makes me go to another world! and as I said before that's what I look in music! *sighs*

I can't wait to see Nightwish and Kamelot  this Saturday Sept. 29th @ The Complex Salt Lake City!!! I'm so excited!! It'll be epic!!

See you next week with another song of the week! Oh and check last week's song here!! :D



  1. It's me again aubzie :)

    anyway... if you're weird... then I am too LOLLLL I love them symphonic metal!

    btw, I'm hosting my first giveaway and thought you might be interested? Enter here to win some cute stripes & gingnam fabric tapes :)

  2. yay I'm not alone in this! :D
    Oh a giveaway! Sounds fun! I'll check it out :D

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  5. Great albums and great songs. I love symphonic metal too as well as folk metal of Norway and Finland. Also adore British trash and death metal too. Love your blog and the songs you review. So glad to be following :) xoxo

  6. Oh nice! It's great to knnw more people with the same taste in music :D
    Thanks for stopping by :)