Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bi Rain - I do

Rain is hands down my favorite Korean singer <3

UPDATE: don't forget to read Bi Rain officially discharged from the military HERE !! :)

Rain looking so handsome <3

Rain - I do: I don't know why I listened to this song non-stop this past week. It's soooo old school lol but it's still really nice and relaxing.

My shows that I only listened to Rain this past week (and no other singer or band o__O) and it's quite shocking lol I can't complain though I love the boy!

He'll be discharge from his military service on July 10th so I'm quite excited to see what his new projects will be like in the future! There are rumors that Jay-Z wants to work with Rain but we will see if that's really true in the coming weeks.

Do you like Rain? :D

Have a Rainy day!