Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rain Officially Discharged from the Military

So I was waiting for this day!!

Rain discharged from the military
Rain Military Photo

On the morning of July 10th Rain (real name Jung Ji-Hoon, 31 years old) got officially discharged form his 24 month military service. Rain had been served in the service support troop, part of the Defense Ministry, since he was transferred to the troop last March after he was enlisted into the army on October 2011.

Rain discharged from the military
Rain getting discharged from the military

At his discharged were around 800 fans (lucky!!!) and around 100 reporters from all over asia.

Rain's Fans from all around the world

Rain didn't have a long discharge event, he only said "I thank all of you for coming out to see me. I am always thankful and I will continue to do my best", I guess this is also because all the ups and downs of his service, his military service had a lot of controversy like going to see Kim Tae Hee, his confirmed girlfriend, and taking way too many days off and getting punished or like the latest one (unlike Hyun Bin who was discharged from the Navy with the highest honors)

Rain paying his respects
Rains getting discharged

Rain salutes
Rain saluting
Rain short speech
Rain getting discharged from the military

Right after his release Rain went straight to see his mom's grave, He also went to see her a day before his enlistment 2011 :). His mom had diabetes but didn't get the adequate treatment since they were too poor and she died in 2000.

Rain discharged
Rain visits his mom's grave after his release

Rain signed with Cube Entertainment, so I guess the rumors about him with Jay-Z weren't true, we will have to wait a little more though ...

I'm excited for his new projects either in his music career or acting one. I can't really wait to see what he will do next!

Rain discharged from the military
I can't wait for new projects!!

I can't write a Song of the Week entry without any music so here is one of my favorite songs

Bi Rain - With U

I love this song so much and look how adorable he is!!
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Have a Rainy day!!