Monday, June 17, 2013

Korean Culture YouTube Channels

For this Random Monday's post I want to share my favorite Korean Culture Youtube channels.

Korean Youtube Channels
Oh yeah! Time to learn more about Korea!!

I got into Korean culture quite a lot (oh yeah thanks K-dramas!!) so I really enjoy watching videos about the culture, food, foreign people (American, European, etc.) living or working there.


Lots of information and tips about many topics like "How to get a Job in Korea?" "Dating in Korea" "Drinking in Korea" etc. I love this channel so much!

Talk To Me In Korean

So you want to learn Korean language, expand your Korean vocabulary and maybe learn Hangul? :) This is your channel! they upload videos very frequently and helps a lot learning the language! and you sometimes get to see Keith from Seoulistic as well.

Eat Your Kimchi

You want the latest news of Kpop? or indie Korean music? Korean Celebrities Interviews? Life in Korea in general? Food in Korea? This is your channel! Simon and Martina are just awesome!

SimonandMartina Bonus Channel

I can say that I LOVE these guys! (they are the same from Eat Your Kimchi) They are sooo funny!! I really enjoy watching their videos! Great videos like "Living in Korea without speaking Korean" or "Non Teaching Jobs in Korea" and some about Teaching English in Korea.

So yeah those are my favorite channels! If you are into Korean culture and want information about it then give them a try and you will learn quite a lot!!

I hope you have a great random day :D



  1. I haven't watched any K dramas but have watched a few films and really enjoyed them.
    Lynne x

    1. You should totally try to watch them! You will love them for sure!

  2. Ooh fun! Thanks for sharing! I love eat your kimchi!!

  3. We share the same addiction to Korean culture! :D I love watching korean food/life on TV, and recently my friend and I decided to visit korean restos and cafes on days out :D

    1. How fun! I wish we had more korean restaurants around here :(

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