Monday, July 8, 2013

New job ....

So today was the first day in a new job, and let me tell you I'm way tired!!!

I'm falling asleep -.- z z z z

It's not the best job in the entire world but it's the only one I found that lets me work part time in the days and hours I'm available to do it (training is full time for two weeks though). I start school again this August, yay! but that also mean I will need money for gas and other necessities.

This job is pretty demanding but as I said it's only part time so I won't lose my sanity just yet. I used to work full time before and it was a waaay easier job than this one but unfortunately that company closed down (I miss that job so much)  :( the good thing was that I was able to take a well deserved rest :)

I won't deny it, it was so hard to wake up in the morning!! but I have to do what I have to do in order to pay some bills (cell, internet, etc) gas, books .... x.x  .... I miss those days when I wasn't so concerned about money *sigh*

Now time to take a shower and get ready to sleep even if it's barely 5 pm

Have a productive day :)



  1. Aw have a restful night! I remember my first week at my current job. I was beat! I guess we need to work hard for money...I also miss the days when we didn't have to be so concerned with money lol

  2. Hope your new job goes well.
    Yes, you don't know you are born before you have bills to pay, I agree.
    Lynne x