Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Hello :)

Gotta love Instagram effects xD

Holidays are over :( it makes me a little sad but the great memories stay with me :)

Every New Year I write my new resolutions with my family and I thought it would be nice to do it here as well :)

Here are mine:

1.  Pay my bills and get rid of any debt I have. These are tough times here in the US so the best thing you can do is be debt free. That means not using credit card and only buy things that I really need instead of the ones I just want.

2.  Lose weight. Holidays are a big factor for some people to gain weight and I feel that I indulge quite a bit lol so I will exercise more! I think I have a good diet but I don't move too much lol so exercise is that I really need.

3.  Donate. I don't know if you have this problem but sometimes I only keep some clothes for sentimental reasons but I don't even wear them. I need to donate them so other people can enjoy them as much as I did :)

4.  Travel. I would love to go to either Japan or Korea those seems great! I would also love to go to any of the Nordic countries, I watched many videos in Youtube about them and they seem magical <3

5.  Try new things. This is something that I always do but I just like to have it as a reminder. I would like to include my family in this. Imagine going skydiving with my mom! that would be awesome!!

6.  Keep any negativity away. Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest and beautiful! No need for something bad, I only want to have good things in my life :)

7.  Update my blog more. These two past months were crazy for me! but now it's all back to normal so I'll write quite a lot :) I love writing and reading your blogs!

Do you have any resolution? I hope you do and make your new year meaningful!
My December Favorites will come shortly so look forward to them :)

Take care and have an amazing day!!


  1. this is such an amazing post, there is so much inspiration, love the pics!
    Hope you've had a brilliant xmas and new year!!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know! 

  2. They are good resolutions, I like the one about keeping the negativity away. It is so important to be positive, my main resolution is not to worry so much - which I am terrible for.
    Hope 2013 is a great year for both of us!
    Lynne x

    1. I strongly believe that you attract what you want, therefore I only want to be around positive things :) I hope you don't worry too much from now on.
      I hope the same for both of us :)

  3. Getting out of debt and saving more money is one of my main goals for 2013...I'm super bad about spending money on dumb things. I decided that experiences are more memorable than 'things', so I'm going to use my savings to travel and create great experiences :) I also agree with keeping away negative thoughts.

    Happy New Year!

    xo, jin

    1. That's what I want to do, I want to travel so money is required of course, I think I'm pretty content with what I have so I won't spend too much :)
      I hope you can save enough to travel! :D
      Happy New Year!!

  4. I love your resolutions! I may have to do a post on my resolutions this year :D Saving money is one of them!

    1. I checked your resolutions and they are inspiring! I hope you have a wonderful year!!

  5. Woww ! Such a cute list for the year 2013 :D Loose weight? I think you look fab buddy :) Just be a regular blogger because we all miss you :) A very happy new year to you & your family :) May you have a blooming year ahead :) Take care

    1. Thanks :) oh yeah I know I gained weight when my jeans are tight >.< so I need to work out :) I want to keep blogging as much as I can! it's such a nice way to share your ideas I really like it! I hope you have a great year!! A big hug from me!! :)

    2. I agree with Tanya you don't need to lose weight. :)The holidays are over and you'll go back to your regular routine :)

  6. very a nice blog :) happy New Year :)

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