Monday, January 14, 2013

Anette Olzon is pregnant for the third time :)

As many of you might know, I'm a huge Nightwish and Anette Olzon fan!

So I read Anette's blog ( link to that post ) that she is pregnant for the third time. To tell you the truth I was a little surprised about it because after leaving Nightwish she looked like she was losing a lot of weight, I guess the stress contributed to it. But I also noticed that she was glowing so I guess this new bundle of joy is the responsible :)

I was so sad when Nightwish and her parted ways right after their concert here in my home State Utah!  I'm really happy for her! She's such a strong woman! And I love the fact that she loves to share with her fans. If you write her in her blog she takes the time to read it and most of the time you'll get replies, very few celebrities take the time to do that! I really respect her!

Please check her official blog here:
Also her Instagram: Thechosenone665



  1. Aw that's awesome! That's so cool she responds and takes time to do that :)

  2. That is really great that a star actually takes the time to answer comments on her blog these days!
    Lynne x

  3. Hello Sweetheart...
    A lovely post !
    Your blog has been nominated for the Liebster Blog Awards, please do check the link below :

    1. Aw thank you!! I'll do it as soon as possible! :D

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