Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Organix Macadamia Oil Conditioner Review

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Here is a review of my favorite conditioner. I decided to try it because of Smoonstyle (EPICA's singer Simone Simons personal blog), I read that she liked it and I was like yeah I should try it! it's only 6 bucks! I'm so glad I bought it!

Organix Macadamia Oil Conditioner
Organix Macadamia Oil Conditioner

Its statement:

"Drench your strands in an ultra moisturizing luxurious conditioner infused with nutrient rich macadamia oil to instantly hydrate and smooth parched, dry hair while exotic sugar cane extract and bamboo extract soften and mend split ends for a luscious, vibrant mane with brilliant shine"

My Thoughts:

I love it! There's nothing wrong about it. at first I thought it was too watery and wasn't going to help me at all but I was so wrong! It leaves my hair so soft and shiny! my hair has good body and it really looks healthy. It smells delicious!

Will I buy it again?

YES! It'll be a staple in my shower! Try it and you will love it!!

Have you tried it before? How about the shampoo? I'm still thinking about trying it but I'm not too sure let me know if you like it or not.

Have a shiny day!


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