Saturday, January 4, 2014

Downtown Salt Lake City Utah

Hello World!

My mom and I went to Downtown Salt Lake City around a week ago to see the lights :) we always find an excuse with my mom to go out and do something together! 

The roads are quite dangerous so instead of driving there (we live in the suburbs) we decided to take the Trax there and enjoy the ride without worrying about our car slipping here and there or other drivers driving fast as if there's no black ice >.<

We reached Downtown and we were welcome by lights everywhere :) it was so crowded there with people doing exactly the same thing like us, enjoying the lights and taking pictures.

I love my silly mom :) she is never afraid to show her crazy personality haha I love that about her!

I think the view in this pic is just beautiful, this is the LDS temple and it is exactly in the middle of downtown.

This is my favorite pic so far :) we both are happy and enjoying each other's company. My mom is definitely my best friend.

So this was our night in downtown SLC and I love that big city feel (even though it is not even close to be a big city haha)

How is it where you live? :D

Have a great day/night! 



  1. I actually thought it was your sister :) Have fun together and thank you for your kind words about Bridge Tonnomura.
    Lynne x

    1. She will be happy to read that haha :) ... I hope you feel better Lynne!! A big hug from me!

  2. This place looks amazing, and your mom looks so young! :D Hope you had a wonderful new year :)

    XX, Chi

    1. It was quite magical :) and thanks! she will be happy to read that! :) I hope the same for you!

  3. Aww how fun! I see where you get your beauty from! :D

  4. You and your mom are gorgeous!