Sunday, March 10, 2013

Song of the Week: Kim Jae Joong - I'll Protect You

I love Korean dramas <3 and even my bf started to watch some of them with me as well :D

"Protect the Boss" is Korean Drama that like a lot. The drama is quite funny so if you are in the mood for romance and lots of laughter this is the drama for you :)

The main song is sung by Kim Jae-Joong (Jaejoong Kim) (he's also part of the main cast)

Kim Jae-Joong Protect the boss
Kim Jae-Joong

Enjoy :D

Kim Jae Joong  (Kim Jaejoong or Jaejoong Kim) Twitter: @bornfreeonekiss

I hope you like the song! and watch the drama if you can! You'll like it quite a lot!



  1. Aw it's been a while since I've watched a kdrama...The last one I watched was Heartstrings...
    The song in this one sounds lovely <3

    1. Heartstrings is one of the few I havent watched yet but i will definitely check it out :)
      This one is so nice!

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