Sunday, November 4, 2012

Song of the week: the GazettE - Pledge

It was so hard for me to find the PV for this song!! Youtube is removing everything! >.< but thankfully I found it in another place :D

the GazettE - Pledge Jrock Japan
My boys :)

the GazettE (Japan) is one of my Top 5 favorite bands ever! I listened to them even before they became big and populat worldwide, I'm really attached to them. I saw them grow musically all these years and I'm kind of proud of them :)

Pledge is a maxi single (Dec 2010) from their fifth studio album "Toxic" (2011) Pledge is such a beautiful ballad <3

Once again give it a try and enjoy this beautiful song! <3



  1. I have never heard of them (now I am showing my age, LOL)
    Lynne x
    ps your award is on our blog today, thanks again.

    1. They are quite popular within the Jrock/vkei world, one of the biggest bands out there :D

      I'll check it out! :D