Monday, June 4, 2012

Are you grateful?

Today I was writing in my journal and started to remember all the things that happened in my life and i decided to start a series of post about gratefulness.

And the first thing I'm gratefull for is me, my life. It might sound selfish but you have to start from yourself in order to be gratefull for some other things

So what are the reasons I'm grateful for my life? well here you go:

  • I'm a strong person. I went through many things in my life and instead of falling down I knew what to do and was able to conquer everthing that was in front of me... like a boss!! xD
  • I'm grateful for my body because it's strong as well,
  • I'm healthy. I try to eat a healthy diet and work out whenever I can so I keep myself slim.
  • I appreciate the little things in life, like watching ducks in my driveway or just simply looking at the moon and think that there is so much beyond of what we see.
  • being able to breath, to have my heart beating, for being able to move my fingers thanks to my wonderful brain
So many things to be grateful! I don't want to write to much and get you bored but let me know what you are grateful for! I want to know how other people think. Please share your thoughts with me, ok?

Allie :D

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